About Us

The UK Government’s Strategy for Agricultural Technologies, published in July 2013, is accelerating growth in the Agri-Tech sector, with funding for four new Centres for Agricultural Innovation that advances the development, adoption and exploitation of new technologies in the agri-food sector.

Agrimetrics, the first of the four ‘Agri-Tech’ Centres

  • Big data centre of excellence
  • Partnership between four Founder Partners: Rothamsted Research, The University of Reading, National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB) and SRUC, Scotland’s Rural College
  • Expertise and capabilities in data science, smart analytics, bioinformatics, translational research and knowledge exchange in crops, livestock and food, and sustainability.

Why Agrimetrics?

The agri-food system is complex, risky and under pressure

Global food production will need to increase by at least 60% to meet rising demands by 2050.

The agri-food supply chain needs to increase its output, but with access to fewer natural resources and more uncertainties.

The agri-food supply chain is part of the agri-food system, which is highly interconnected and influenced by hard-to-predict factors and variables (e.g. environmental; financial; societal).


The consequences of this complexity and mounting global pressures are that we cannot easily identify where efficiency gains can be realised, costs can be reduced, and where the whole food system can be made more sustainable and resilient to future uncertainties: more than intuition will be needed.

How can agri-food businesses increase food productivity while improving resource efficiency, resilience and profitability to meet the global food challenge?

Agrimetrics' mission

Empowering the agri-food system to embrace big data and related technology, when confronting sustainable intensification challenges.

Agrimetrics' vision

To be the most reliable and innovative evidence base for the sustainable agri-food system, which users trust and value.

Agrimetrics' aims

To be the world’s first Big Data Centre of Excellence for the whole agri-food sector – from farms to processors, to retailers and to consumers

To become a trusted and valued independent broker for stakeholders across the agri-food sectors, that can facilitate the sharing of data

To become the most reliable and innovative evidence base provider for the agri-food supply chain, enabling it to become more resilient and profitable, and achieving sustainable intensification

Agrimetrics will achieve this through:

Data Hub for the agri-food community
Creating and providing access to the largest repository of linked agri-food data to generate a holistic understanding of agri-food production challenges

Data smart tools and expertise
Delivering quantifiable and meaningful insights to support better evidence-based decision making

An accessible network
Connecting different businesses operating in the system

Shared trust and value
Developing a culture of data sharing and data-driven decisions that support the delivery of sustainable intensification

Agrimetrics Data Policy

Agrimetrics aims to be a responsible and trustworthy collaborator, helping the agri-food sector make the best use of data and technology. We are developing a comprehensive data platform, to which we will apply rigorous data quality standards to support meaningful insights. As such the capture, management and use of data from many different sources is central to what we do. These data are valuable, and some may be personally or commercially sensitive in nature. We have a responsibility to handle sensitive data with care, and we take this responsibility seriously.

When we develop specific products and services we will publish the specific terms that apply to them, but we have set out some principles that will guide us in their development and how we operate. Find out more.