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Why Agrimetrics?

The agri- food system is complex, risky and under pressure

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    Global food production will need to increase by at least 60% to meet rising demands by 2050.
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    The agri-food supply chain needs to increase its output, but with access to fewer natural resources and more uncertainties.
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    The agri-food supply chain is part of the agri-food system, which is highly interconnected and influenced by hard-to-predict factors and variables (e.g. environmental; financial; societal).

The consequences of this complexity and mounting global pressures are that we cannot easily identify where efficiency gains can be realised, costs can be reduced, and where the whole food system can be made more sustainable and resilient to future uncertainties: more than intuition will be needed.

How can agri-food businesses increase food productivity while improving resource efficiency, resilience and profitability to meet the global food challenge?

Meeting the global food challenges with access to data

The use of technology, data and algorithms can make a big difference to the global food challenge and enable a more holistic view of the risks and solutions for the agri-food sector by:

  • Enabling interconnected pressures associated with agri-food production to be better understood, measured, managed and (globally) more integrated.
  • Adding speed and accuracy to the decision-making process in the food sourcing, processing and distribution chains, as well as supporting optimisation of use of resources.

Integrating data across the agri-food supply chain - from farm production to the food industry, to retailers and to consumers - and using smart analytics (including mathematical and statistical modelling, and visualisations) to manage connected risks and let us identify the solutions that would otherwise evade insight, and to help stakeholders create value, are all aims of Agrimetrics.

Data acts as an evidence base for more informed decision making, but there are challenges...

  • Agri-food businesses have created a large volume of data in the last few years; However, data in themselves do not provide useful insight until they are translated into knowledge.
  • Agri-food datasets are often fragmented, complex and dynamic, creating issues in integration, interrogation and distribution, as well as in the required computing capabilities, system architecture and storage.
  • There is a low level of awareness of how sharing data and additional data analytics could create value. This results in organisations often being hesitant to share data amongst their supply chain and competitors in a pre-competitive way.
  • The lack of interoperability between different data sets is inherently risky and a barrier to innovation; Addressing this issue requires substantial investment, which represent a challenge for most organisations.

There is a significant and growing demand for efficient and effective handling and integration of complex and sizeable data. Using data science and analytics, we can extract knowledge to support better informed and more effective evidence-based decision-making.

Agrimetrics’ vision

To be the most reliable and innovative evidence base for the sustainable agri-food system, which users trust and value

Agrimetrics’ mission

Empowering the agri-food system to embrace big data and related technology, when confronting sustainable intensification challenges

Find out more about our aims and how we will achieve this in the About us section.

Read about our Data Policy.

Network of Excellence

Agrimetrics Network of Excellence currently include twelve partners who will contribute innovation and expertise to projects, as and when required, to develop the solutions needed by end-users.

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