Chris Baker

Science Director Intelligent Data Ecosystems - Rothamsted Resear

Chris graduated in agriculture and environmental sciencesfrom Newcastle University and completed a PhD in microbiology at CardiffUniversity in 1996. He was a post-doc at the University of Toronto and led agenomics-based drug discovery team screening for natural product loci in fungiat Ecopia BioSciences. At I2R A-STAR, in Singapore, his team developed semanticinfrastructures to support automated classification of lipids and invented NLPalgorithms to extract genomic annotations from scientific literature. Returningto Canada, Chris took up an ACOA Research Chair, pioneering in semanticinteroperability solutions applied in biomedicine, biodiversity, global healthand agriculture. He has published over 100 peer reviewed articles in journal,conference proceedings, and a book. He is the inventor of 2 Patents filed withthe USPTO.

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