Hugo Mills

Development Team Leader

Hugo Mills trained as a mathematician up to a PhD in combinatorial optimisation and scheduling theory, before jumping ship to Computer Science. He has nearly 40 years experience in software development, and 20 years in research data management.

Before joining Agrimetrics, Hugo spent 4 years splitting his time between working as an ontologist for Syngenta, and being the CTO of Nightglass, a small startup developing a staff rostering solution for the NHS. At Nightglass, he brought their development processes and software from a research-grade proof of concept up to a usable product.

Hugo has also spent time in academia, investigating research data management techniques (electronic lab notebooks for chemists and field archaeologists), and large-scale computing – grid computing, MapReduce, and job scheduling on supercomputers – and lecturing on databases and large-scale computing. Code based on one of his algorithms is part of the job management software on some Cray supercomputers.

Outside work, he is a keen cook, and is a classical musician, singing tenor with the Basingstoke Choral Society.

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