Monika Solanki

Principal Data Scientist

Dr. Monika Solanki has a PhD in Computer Science, a postgraduate diploma in Advanced Computing with Data Communication and Networking and a degree in Engineering. She has 20+ years of experience in knowledge graph representation and reasoning, the Semantic Web, and Linked data technology stack.

She has worked in close collaboration with domain experts in academia and industry, designing and developing ontological domain models, proposing ontology design patterns, curating linked datasets, implementing award winning Semantic Web applications and Web services, across a number of interdisciplinary projects spanning the boundaries of Big data, Software Engineering, Computer Science, Bioenergy, Clinical trials, Archaeology and Plant Biology.

She has extensive experience in building ontology-driven frameworks and applications for bridging the gap between data and software engineering, developing, and implementing stream processing algorithms and models for tracking and tracing in supply chains and building decision support systems for the clinical and bioenergy sectors. She has also been involved in designing courses and teaching these topics globally across a wide range of universities and industry organisations.

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