Richard Tiffin

Chief Scientific Officer

Richard Tiffin is Agrimetrics’ Chief Scientific Officer and Professor of Applied Economics at the University of Reading.

Richard read Agriculture at the University of Newcastle and completed a PhD in Agricultural Economics at the University of London. He lectured in Agricultural Economics at both Newcastle and Durham before joining the University of Reading where he was appointed Professor in 2006.

Richard was previously Director of the Centre for Food Security, leading the University of Reading’s strategic research in the area of food security and fostering internal and external collaborations to meet the multidisciplinary food security agenda. His research, which is focused on diet and health policy, has examined the impacts of alternative food policies on land use in the UK and the impacts of both a soft drink tax and a ‘fat tax’ on health in the UK.

Richard’s research group is currently developing an empirical framework to better understand the cognitive underpinnings of dietary choice.

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