Stephen Hayward

Senior Data Scientist

Stephen joined Caterpillar (Perkins Engines) where he worked as a design and development engineer on a new diesel engine program after graduating fromLiverpool University with a BEng. Stephen then shifted career direction towards the geospatial domain after a few years at Caterpillar in pursuit of an MSc inGeographical Information Management at Cranfield University. During his studiesStephen developed skills in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and also found his passion for Earth Observation (EO) and Remote Sensing.


After graduating Stephen worked at Rothamsted Research as a GIS and Remote Sensing specialist, supporting an Innovate UK project called "Advancing EarthObservation Applications in Agriculture", which gave him his first taste of the agricultural sector.


Stephen then joined Airbus Defence and Space on the early careers programme as an EOData Engineer/Data Scientist. Stephen worked on developing applications in a variety of domains such as Maritime and Agriculture but also developing ImageQuality Assurance tools for optical imagery. 


Stephen has recently completed a "Nanodegree" on Artificial Intelligence.Outside of work Stephen likes to play sports, enjoys cooking and loves being outdoors exploring the countryside.

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